US Modular is a supplier of custom promotional products. If you are looking to do something different this is the place for you. Customer service is a more personal experience with us. We will always work with you to find solutions that fit your needs.

USB Flash Drives

We are popularly known for our USB Drives because of the quality of materials we use and the huge selection of drives. If our collection of 100+ models doesn't satisfy you, we also have custom shaped drives. You tell us what shape you want and we will create it for you. It that's simple. You'll get a 3D mockup prior to approval. This is generally more popular with customers that want something unique.

USB Car Chargers

We sell USB car chargers that are compatible with most smart phones, tablets and electronic devices that support USB charging. With the increasing popularity of smartphones the demand for this category is increasing every day. We carry a range of high quality car chargers with attractive styles.

Power Banks

Power Banks are a great promotional gift and one of the most popular products in the industry right now. All our power banks come with a micro USB adapter. A power bank is an external battery used to charge cell phones and other portable electronic devices. Power Banks are available in multiple mAh levels ranging from 1200 to 10000mAh. 

Eco Friendly Products

Our range of eco friendly products include USB flash drives made out of bamboo or recycled materials. Our range of eco lanyards are made out of corn, bamboo & recycled PET materials.  

US Modular sells its products to distributors and retailers only. US Modular is a DBA of netGuru Inc.